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Questions & Answers

Q.What is the Provincial Premises Registry (PPR)?
A.The PPR is a premises registry available to all agri-food business owners and operators in Ontario in order to allow them to register their premises and receive a Premises Identification Number (PID) and certificate. The PPR is an Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) initiative and registration is voluntary.
       - The PPR is the only official provincial registry for obtaining an Ontario Premises ID Number for agri-food businesses in Ontario
       - There is no cost to register (and it is quick and free!)
       - The PPR is available online at The online registry easy to use, is available 24 hours a day and can be accessed from a computer connected to the internet.
       - Registrations can also be made over the phone by calling toll free 1-855-MY-PPR-ID (1-855-697-7743) during regular business hours (8:30am to 5:00pm) Monday through Friday.
       - Service is available in English and French.

Q.Who is operating the registry?
A. Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) will develop, implement and operate the Provincial Premises Registry.

Q.Who is AGSI?
A. Since 1993, AGSI has been an Ontario based provider of strategic technology and information solutions, empowering government, utilities, and the agri-food industry to make better, more informed decisions.

AGSI has widespread experience in using its technologies, expertise and services to create secure, web-based solutions for collecting, verifying, and managing the highest quality land based location information needed to support business critical functions.

Q.What is a Premises ID?
A. A Premises Identification Number, referred to as a Premises ID (PID), is a number identifying a parcel of land where agri-food activities occur. Each parcel of land, or premises, registered will receive a unique Premises ID and a certificate will be issued displaying this number.

Premises Identification Numbers differ from business registration numbers (e.g., Farm Business Registration (FBR), license or other business identifiers) as each one is linked to a specific parcel of land, not to a business.

Q.Who can apply for a Premises ID Number?
A. Agri-food business owners, operators, leasers or tenants can apply for a Premises ID Number.

Q.What do I need to register my premises?
A. To register your premises you will be asked to provide the Assessment Roll Number (ARN) - your tax assessment number from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).
If you cannot provide an ARN you will need to provide one of the following:
      - Latitude and Longitude coordinates from a Global Positioning System;
      - Municipal address of the premises to be registered;
      - Legal Land Description (Lot, Concession Number and Township of the premises).

Q.How much will it cost to register my Premises?
A. Registering your premises is quick, easy and free. Simply fill out the online application form or call us. You will need to describe the agricultural or agri-food activities that take place on the premises as well as emergency contact information for your business. When registering your premises online be sure to complete all of the required fields.

Q.What is a Premises ID used for?
A. A Premises ID is the first step to an effective traceability system and can lead to business advantages such as operational efficiencies and increasing market access. Also, a Premises ID helps to identify the agri-food activities as well as contact information of a specific parcel of land. In the event of an emergency, knowing the agri-food activities and having up-to-date contact information is critical.

Q.Is an existing/older Premises ID still valid?
A. Each premises needs to be registered only once. If your premises has already been registered, that Premises ID is still valid and there is no need to register again. However, changes to existing premises should be updated so that Premises IDs can be updated. For example, land sold or a change in agri-food activity would need to be updated in the PPR.

Q.How will this information be used?
A. AGSI collects specific business information on behalf of OMAFRA for the purposes of:
      - Validating premises information in order to assign Premises Identification Numbers;
      - Capturing premises information data to enable OMAFRA to prepare and respond to agri-food incidents.

Click for details on the consent to provide agri-food business information to AGSI to register premises in the Provincial Premises Registry.

No personal information is collected as part of the Provincial Premises Registry. For details on personal information please see the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act .

Q.Why should agri-food businesses be interested in registering their premises?
A. Traceability systems are composed of Premises Identification, Product identification and Product Movement records. Premises identification is the first step in establishing a traceability system that can lead to many business advantages, including improving operational efficiencies and increasing market access.

Accurate premises verification and identification is critical to the strength of our agriculture and food industries. Highest quality location information will assist emergency response efforts by improving emergency preparedness, responsiveness and risk management due to natural disasters, plant and / or animal disease.

Q.How can one get more information?
A. You can get more information by visiting the PPR website at or calling toll free
1-855 MY PPR ID (1-855-697-7743).

Q.How Do I Update My Premises Registration?
A. You can update your premises registration by contacting us at 1-855-MY PPR ID (1-855-697-7743). Alternatively, you can make changes to your business information or premises activities on a copy of your PPR Certificate and email it to or fax it to us at 905-876-2839.

You can also update your Premises information online. When updating your registration information online, you will need a verification code (obtained by update email or by calling us at 1855-MY PPR ID (1-855-697-7743)) to allow you to skip adding all of your information again, you will need to simply update what has changed and submit.

When updating your Premises Registration, remember to be specific and indicate all Activities occurring on your Premises.

Q.How Long Will it Take to Receive Confirmation of my Updated Information?
A. Once your premises information has been updated; a new Premises Certificate will be issued to you. Most premises certificates are sent out within two business days of receiving your updated information. You may be contacted if any discrepancies or questions arise.

Q.When Should I Update my Premises?
A. At a minimum, you should review and update the activities occurring on your registered Premises on an annual basis. In addition, you should update your Premises information anytime there is a change related to your Premises (e.g., Contact information, Activities, etc.).